Historic building where Bill of Rights was born is partially demolished

Symbolism doesn’t get much more chilling than this.  Serious efforts are underway to abrogate the First and Second Amendments, in the name of “campaign finance reform” and “commonsense gun safety” – both euphemisms masking the tyrannical impulses of the left.

At such a time, to demolish the site where the Bill of Rights were first proposed is unnerving, to say the least.  But government incompetence, rather than some sinister plot, seems to be at the root of it.  Phyllis Zimmerman of The Sentinel of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania reports:

On Jan. 6, workers began demolishing a two-story stone house at 7086 Carlisle Pike in Silver Spring Township that most recently was the site of Stone House Auto Sales.

Photo credit: Mike Bupp, The Sentinel

This just isn’t any stone house, however. Built in 1780 as the James Bell Tavern, the structure hosted the Stony Ridge Convention on July 3, 1788, a meeting of Anti-Federalists opposed to ratification of U.S. Constitution, which led to amending the document with the Bill of Rights.

Triple Crown Corporation, the property’s owner, legally obtained a permit from the township for the demolition, according to Christine Musser, a member of the township’s Conservation and Preservation Committee.

Musser said she was informed about the stone house’s history by an “outside source.” After “doing some digging” about the matter at the Cumberland County Historical Society, she alerted township officials about the matter.

Demolition of the historic structure was “put on hold” and discontinued on Jan. 7, Musser said. To her estimation, about a third of the building was demolished during the initial process.

I guess that leaves 6.6 amendments’ worth of the building left.  What does it say about us that nobody realized the significance of this site?

I would be willing to donate to a fund to buy the building, restore it, and turn it into a museum commemorating the Bill of Rights. 

Hat tip: iOTW Report and Fox News

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