Hillary's word game

Judge Andrew Napolitano, being interviewed on The Kelly File, recently said something that caused my head to pop out of my nether regions – namely, that Hillary Clinton was playing a word game with the media when she denied that none of the emails in question were marked "classified."  It was almost an "aha!" moment for me for the simple reason that even though I have written that Hillary is playing word games in this matter, I had not previously perceived just how devious her word parsing is.  And unless you've had a federal security clearance and understand the system of security classification and document marking, you aren't likely to have a prayer of deciphering Hillary's deception.

Here's what she's doing: in interviews with the media, Hillary carefully says that none of the emails in question were marked "classified."  Well, of course they weren't, because "classified" isn't one of the designations with which classified documents are marked.  Classified is an overall designation wherein individual documents are marked CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or TOP SECRET.  I'm unfamiliar with how other designations higher than top secret are marked, because they were beyond my pay grade.  But what I do know is that "classified" itself is not one of the specific markings found on classified documents, and I'll bet the farm that whoever in Clinton's campaign is crafting her media responses knows that as well.

Thus, when Hillary blithely denies that any of the questionable emails on her server was marked "classified," she's telling a strictly narrow, word-specific truth so that she cannot be shown later to be blatantly lying to the media, although that is precisely what she's doing with such word-parsing.  It's another Clinton word game, much like Slick Willie's infamous "it depends upon what the meaning of is is."

Hey, they're Clintons…whaddaya expect?