Hillary’s subconscious acts up in Dem debate, provides 6 words that will haunt her

There may still be a reasonable debate on whether or not Hillary Clinton has a conscience, but Sunday night’s Democratic presidential debate proves that she does have a subconscious.  That part of her mind put words into her mouth that her conscious mind would rather not admit.

The critical six words: “No individual too big to jail.”

The declaration came as an add-on to anti-Wall Street rhetoric she deployed in response to attacks on her acceptance of vast monies from Wall Street:

"There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail."

Even worse, her campaign tweeted the aphorism...

...which predictably elicited a swarm of snark within a minute.

As someone facing an FBI investigation employing 150 special agents, and facing potential criminal prosecution, these words could very well come back to haunt her, particularly at the sentencing stage devoutly to be wished for.

Hat tips: Instapundit, Small Dead Animals

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