Hillary: In a hole, and digging hard

Demographic doom is just around the corner for the Republican Party.  Unless it demonstrates compassion for illegal immigrants, it has no future.  Just ask a Democrat.  But even the deep thinkers of the left will concede that we're not quite there yet.  If you want to see for yourself, here's a nifty gadget by Aaron Bycoffe and David Wasserman of 538.com.  A small adjustment of the non-college-educated white (NCW) portion of the vote, along with very minor changes in the other segments, can easily get you to 270 electoral votes.

So the saner Democrats know the party has a real – albeit short-term – problem with NCWs and should do something about it.  In four years, or eight at the most, these people can be discarded and ignored, but for the time being, they're still important.  Yet while the liberal media accuses the Republicans of alienating the key demographic of the future – Hispanics – Democrats are busy alienating the key demographic of the present – working-class whites.  They're in the hole with this group, and they're determined to dig deeper.

But because Hillary is such an insecure person – and politician – she's decided to win the nomination by totally alienating these self-same NCWs she'll need in November.  Mildly pro-gun Bernie Sanders, of all people, has put such a scare in her that she's now anointed herself the Queen of the Gun Gestapo and the arch-enemy of the fiendish NRA.  Message to Hillary: this doesn't work in western Pennsylvania.  She may not realize this, but there are quite a few single-issue voters in those parts, and their issue is the Second Amendment.  Democrats and Republicans.  Regular and occasional voters.  She's given the NRA all the ammunition it needs, and it's going to pull the trigger.

These NCWs in the Midwest are the key to a Republican victory.  They're more opposed to immigration than any group in the country, so the decision by Hillary to get to the left of Obama on amnesty is going to kill her in this group.  This is so stupid, politically, that only her terror of actually losing the nomination can explain it.  Any of the three plausible Republican nominees will attack her on this score relentlessly.  This issue alone would damn her in this demographic.

Another important issue is race-based affirmative action, or, as NCWs term it, racial discrimination against whites.  The Republican nominee may not take this tack, but outside groups, modeled on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, will be formed, similar to the fine effort underway by Restoration PAC to expose Hillary's lies on Benghazi.  But it's not just affirmative action.  She must endorse every ridiculous proposal Black Lives Matter makes, including a refusal to say those racist words, "all lives matter."

Now that she fears losing Iowa and New Hampshire, she must rely even more on her black firewall in South Carolina.  If blacks start to abandon her, it's over.  It's hard to get to the left of Sanders with black voters, but she'll try, even prompting speculation she may come out for reparations for slavery.

The working-class whites of the Midwest are well aware that any sacrifice that must be borne to advance the black cause will come at their expense.  Whether it's disparate impact, HUD breaking up white communities, school busing, undermining the police, or reparations, they know that they wind up paying the bill, and they don't like it, at all.  Special treatment of blacks means less than special for them, and that gets them angry.  

In the bigger picture, Hillary's enthusiastic embrace of all things Obama, essentially promising his third term, is the root of her problem with NCWs, who've never liked him.  She's forced to disregard his weak approval numbers and allow no daylight between herself and him, all in order to avoid alienating his most rabid supporters, the group she hopes will save her – blacks.

Compounding her problem is Obama's apparent indifference to his weak public approval.  In his last year, he's coasting, allowing his true colors as a hyper-left critic of American power to come through.  He does not attempt to advance America's interests in the world, because deep down he doesn't think we've been a force for good.  We've been enriching ourselves at the expense of the underdeveloped and are due for a comeuppance.  The working whites of this country are very patriotic, and they see what's happening.  Tied tightly to Obama, Hillary will pay the price.

The more she digs, the deeper she'll be buried.

Fritz Pettyjohn was chairman of Reagan for President, Alaska, in 1979-1980 and is a co-founder of the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force.  He blogs daily at ReaganProject.com.

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