Haley's SOTU response: Another stab in the back of the GOP base

Obama is a vile, evil man.  It is not enough that he repeatedly does whatever he pleases against the best interest and will of the American people; he has to give us the finger and rub our noses in his anti-American actions.  Obama's latest cruel, in-your-face assault was inviting a Syrian refugee to be his special guest at the SOTU.  This was Obama's way of saying , Screw y'all – I will flood America with thousands of Syrian refugees.  Thirty governors, in essence, told Obama, Hell, no, you are not bringing Syrian refugees into my state.  Obama allowing thousands of impossible to vet Syrian refugees into our country endangers Americans.  Pure and simple. And this man, our president, does not care.  Obama's determination to dethrone America as the world power and transform America trumps everything, including American lives. In response to Obama shoving a Syrian refugee in our faces, I would have loved to see GOP House...(Read Full Post)