Haley's SOTU response: Another stab in the back of the GOP base

Obama is a vile, evil man.  It is not enough that he repeatedly does whatever he pleases against the best interest and will of the American people; he has to give us the finger and rub our noses in his anti-American actions.  Obama's latest cruel, in-your-face assault was inviting a Syrian refugee to be his special guest at the SOTU.  This was Obama's way of saying , Screw y'all – I will flood America with thousands of Syrian refugees.  Thirty governors, in essence, told Obama, Hell, no, you are not bringing Syrian refugees into my state.  Obama allowing thousands of impossible to vet Syrian refugees into our country endangers Americans.  Pure and simple. And this man, our president, does not care.  Obama's determination to dethrone America as the world power and transform America trumps everything, including American lives.

In response to Obama shoving a Syrian refugee in our faces, I would have loved to see GOP House speaker Paul Ryan invite brothers Paul and J.P. Norden as his guests at the SOTU.  Both had a leg blown off at the Boston Marathon, which was bombed by Muslim terrorists posing as harmless Americans.  Ryan could have also invited the parents of the six- and nine-year-old girls who also had limbs blown off during the Muslim terrorist attack.

Even after the horrific attack on innocent Americans, Obama's instinct was to protect the Muslim bombers.  He rushed to Mirandize the captured bomber, blocking him from being questioned about other planned Muslim terrorist attacks on Americans. 

Obama's SOTU speech was repulsive and delusional.  And whom does Nikki Haley choose to beat up on in her GOP response to Obama's speech filled with lies?  GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. 

Gov. Haley is a loyal operative of the GOP establishment.  Why do these Republicans whom we worked our butts off to award the House and Senate jump on every opportunity to poke their base in the eye with a fork?

Establishment Republicans just don't get it.  It is not rocket science why Trump is leading in the polls.  GOP voters have been betrayed by Republicans who promised to fight to stop Obama's crazy anti-American agenda.  Consequently, GOP voters feel helpless in stopping Obama's out-of-control supreme dictator presidency, using every governmental agency as his enforcers, criminalizing opposition to his far-left radical anti-American mandates.

It was infuriating hearing Gov. Haley, a Republican party spokesperson, parrot the left's bogus claims against Trump.  I thought, "Doggone it, there they go betraying us again."  How can the GOP be so blind, not seeing the growing broad and varied coalition of Trump supporters?

While I have been a Republican since hearing Ronald Reagan when I was a young black man from the hood of Baltimore, I really got into the meat and potatoes of politics after joining the Tea Party.  It is amazing that when you strip away all the political complexities, the left has masterfully silenced, controlled, and destroyed establishment Republicans with three simple catchphrases: racist, sexist, and mean.

Given the devastating effectiveness of these three accusations against Republicans, why on Earth would Gov. Haley further the left's propaganda, implying that Trump's efforts to secure our border are anti-immigrant (racist)?

I tell you, folks, the GOP using leftist attacks on Trump is so infuriating that I find myself hoping they cause Trump's polling to soar even higher.  Meanwhile, I am someone who sincerely prays that Ted Cruz is our next president.

The GOP, MSM, and Democrats do not understand that much of Trump's support is We the People's in-your-face response to the snooty, superior, arrogant elitism coming out of Washington and mainstream media.

The White House openly admits that Obama plans to bombard us with executive orders in his remaining months as supreme dictator.

Driving home from Home Depot, I heard a report on my car radio that our prison in Guantanamo Bay is looking like a ghost town as Obama released ten more hardcore terrorists – who are certain to return to the battlefield and kill more Americans. 

Meanwhile, GOP establishment spokesperson Nikki Haley chooses not to criticize Obama.  Haley and her fellow RINOs would much rather attack GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and talk radio for their "loud, angry, and irresponsible talk."  I am so done with these deplorable backstabbing RINOs.

Go, Cruz, go!