Germany's 21st-century descent into hell

More and more news is pouring out of Germany on the coordinated violence that Muslims perpetrated on New Year’s Eve, as the scale of what unfolded slowly comes to light.  (For prior coverage see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

The number of cases that have been reported in Cologne has passed 500 and is climbing by the hour.  Nearly half of the reports are for sexual assault.  The police have confirmed the focus of their investigation is on people from North African countries and that the majority are “asylum seekers” and people who are in Germany illegally.

Information continues to emerge regarding the coordination of these attacks that brought colonizers from outside Germany to partake in the violence.  Jihad Watch, reporting on an AFP article, writes:

Germany's Justice Minister Heiko Maas said Sunday that the shocking spate of sexual assaults during New Year festivities in Cologne was organised.

“For such a horde of people to meet and commit such crimes, it has to have been planned somehow,” he told Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

“No one can tell me that this was not coordinated or planned. The suspicion is that a specific date and an expected crowd was picked,” he said, adding that if confirmed, that would “take on a new dimension”.

Quoting confidential police reports, Bild am Sonntag said some North Africans had sent out calls using social networks for people to gather in Cologne on New Year's Eve.

Young men not only from Cologne, but as far as France and Belgium responded to the call to travel to the western German city, the newspaper said.

Meanwhile, the number of reports from other cities in Germany where there were attacks also continues to climb.  For example, as of this writing, there are nearly 133 reports from Hamburg.

Another city that saw violence on a mass scale was Berlin, which was like a war zone.  This video shows explosives going off, hordes of Muslim men shooting guns in all directions, the air thick with smoke, deafening noise, sirens cutting through the din, and German citizens darting through the chaos, trying to make their way to safety.

In Bielefeld, 500 Muslim men tried to storm a nightclub.  It was somewhat ironic in light of the fact that two months ago the Sunday Express reported on a nightclub in Germany that was targeted by human rights groups (uh-huh) after the club instituted a policy that banned refugees from the premises.  The ban was put in place to protect the club’s female patrons from “predatory migrant men” who did such things as follow women to the ladies’ room and hurl verbal insults at them.  For trying to protect their customers and attend to liability issues, the owners of the club were labeled racists and “Nazi pigs.”

This is what Angela Merkel (and all of those who supported and continue to support her) has wrought.  Not that Merkel cares.  In fact, a few days after the wave of brutal New Year’s eve attacks, she said: “We/Germans must accept that immigrants are more criminal.”

Wow.  Really?  Apparently she wasn’t one of the rape victims, so she is free to intellectualize inane ideas such as inviting savages into one’s country, witnessing them wreak havoc, and then informing German citizens they must accept it.

A few days prior, during her New Year’s Eve address, Merkel once again exposed her seemingly incurable madness when she made a series of asinine, stupid, absurd, ridiculous, insulting, threatening, idiotic, dangerous, misguided, off-the-mark, lying, crazy remarks that are summarized below from a Daily Mail report:

She said the new year should be marked by “cohesion” and not division, accusing those who are against immigration of, among other things, laying “sole claim to what it means to be German and seek to exclude others.”

She claimed that mass immigration would ultimately be worth it because “countries have always benefited from successful immigration” and integrating new immigrants now will be an “opportunity for tomorrow.”

She acknowledged that “the influx of people will keep demanding much of us. It will take time, effort, and money.”

One wonders if she truly believes her own equine manure.

If Merkel likes cohesion so much, she should have thought about that before she invited more than a million Islamic colonizers into the country (with another million expected in 2016).  Because cohesion isn’t really their thing.  Unless you’re talking about the caliphate when everyone is coalesced under Allah’s roof of darkness and death.

As for her admonishing patriotic Germans for being patriots, she has a lot of nerve when it is she who is destroying the country they love.

Regarding her accusation of Germans seeking to exclude others, this is the kind of leftist garbage we are exposed to on a daily basis.  Hey!  Why not “exclude others” if those others hate you, want to kill you, and want to take over your country?  Exclusion sounds like sound policy to me.

Merkel then subjected Germans to her rationale that successful immigration has always benefited cultures.  I would challenge (1) her idea of what “successful” means, because I’m sure that’s not what’s happening in Germany, and it never will with respect to importing people from Islamic cultures, and (2) her assertion that immigration is always a good thing.

Her “opportunity for tomorrow” was like an Obama’s one-liner – something that sounds good to idiots but means nothing.  In this case, it means worse than nothing.  There is absolutely no evidence – none – that colonizers from Islamic countries are an “opportunity” for any society they invade.  Unless you’re talking about the opportunity for them to assert supremacy in the myriad ways that they do, with New Year’s Eve violence being the most recent example.

And finally, her meant-to-inspire words that integrating savages will require a lot on the part of the German people.  She’s only half-right.  It will require a lot – a lot of grief and woe and death and destruction.  And even after all of that, the savages will not be integrated, because that’s not what they do, because that’s not their goal.

Meanwhile, in March, there are going to be three regional elections in Germany that will be a referendum on the madwoman at the helm of the German government.  As of this writing, opinion polls show a surge in support for the anti-immigration movement as former Eastern bloc countries hold firm in their resolve to resist EU pressure to take more “migrants.”

Sadly, leadership and lemmings in the United States have the same disease that Merkel has.  We hear the same rationales.  And we will suffer the same fate if a lot doesn’t change.  And soon.

Huge hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for providing exceptional ongoing coverage of this story.