Germany brings out water cannons...against the German people

In response to mass rape perpetuated by Muslim men against German women over New Year’s eve, PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe) organized a demonstration. It was held in a “multi-cultural” district of west Germany that has been supportive of Merkel’s open door immigration policy. Even so, 3,000 people turned out on short notice for the rally. Breitbart reports that the demonstration began with speeches, including announcements that alcohol, glass bottles, and face-coverings were banned. Despite PEGIDA’s attempts to ensure a peaceful event, a small number of attendees (from outside of Cologne) began to cause trouble by throwing fireworks. This prompted the police to stop the march in order to deal with the perpetrators, which they did by employing a number of tactics including containment, use of a water cannon, and pepper spray. But it also appears that some, if not all, of those stirring up trouble may have been...(Read Full Post)