Germans facing the failure of their political leadership on Muslim colonizers

There is a truth that so many in positions of authority in Germany are unwilling to face: that many of  the perpetrators of the Cologne violence were recently arrived migrants from Islamic countries.  The dangerous culture of political correctness is so embedded that one report stated that “police chiefs hid evidence from their own officers that the perpetrators were Syrian in order to avoid criticism of Germany’s decision of allowing one million migrants during last year’s crisis.” There seems to be little doubt that those in leadership positions tried to mask the truth, including not only the police chief, but also the mayor of Cologne, who stated (in contrast with the evidence) that refugees had nothing to do with the New Year's Eve attacks.  The mayor went on to blame victims for being raped because they did not take enough care to protect themselves, stating that “women should keep a good distance from strangers” and...(Read Full Post)