Germans facing the failure of their political leadership on Muslim colonizers

There is a truth that so many in positions of authority in Germany are unwilling to face: that many of  the perpetrators of the Cologne violence were recently arrived migrants from Islamic countries.  The dangerous culture of political correctness is so embedded that one report stated that “police chiefs hid evidence from their own officers that the perpetrators were Syrian in order to avoid criticism of Germany’s decision of allowing one million migrants during last year’s crisis.”

There seems to be little doubt that those in leadership positions tried to mask the truth, including not only the police chief, but also the mayor of Cologne, who stated (in contrast with the evidence) that refugees had nothing to do with the New Year's Eve attacks.  The mayor went on to blame victims for being raped because they did not take enough care to protect themselves, stating that “women should keep a good distance from strangers” and “stay away from large groups of men.” (Naturally, she didn’t elaborate on which specific strangers women should steer clear of or the groups of men she was referring to when she doled out her pearls of wisdom.) The mayor was subsequently mocked on Twitter with #eineArmlange (translation: an arm length).

The interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state and the site of the Cologne violence, suffered a severe inversion of reality when he stated (via the BBC, with a hat tip to Andrew Stuttaford):

“What happens on the right-wing platforms and in chat rooms is at least as awful as the acts of those assaulting the women,” he said. “This is poisoning the climate of our society.”

The utter failure of leadership reaches all the way up to the chancellor’s office.  Any why not?  It is Angela Merkel, after all, who decided to take a fragile Europe that already had too many Muslims and put it on the fast track to join the caliphate.

And so Merkel has also been criticized in the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne (and elsewhere in Germany) as her response has been predictably weak and rather Obamaesque in its lack of genuine feeling or conviction (other than her deep-seated conviction to carry on with the plan to withdraw Europe from life support).  She said the least she could get away with, stating that the events in Cologne must spur Germany to have a “fundamental” debate about how to integrate newcomers, while also noting: “We must continuously see whether everything has been done yet as far as extraditions from Germany go, to send a clear signal to people who do not want to stick to our legal framework.”

Say what?

Angela, these “people” to whom you refer are not just any people.  They are people from Islamic lands.  As such, they come from a culture founded on a set of values at direct odds with Western values (that we once held dear).  So, if I may spare you a bit of our precious time: they have no interest in or intention of sticking to your legal framework, or integrating, as you say.


(Sorry, ladies.  Merkel spoke.  And she’s useless.  Worse than useless.  She’s a menace to Germany and all of Europe.)

But, hey, as long as we’re talking about who’s responsible and what to do, let’s be sure to check in with members of the “immigrant” community.  Here’s what one recent arrival had to say (video here): “It’s the fault of the German laws and not the people. Refugees and migrants who arrive have to wait six months to a year and during that time, can’t work. And that means that often they turn to crime because they can’t make ends meet.”

(I see.  Travel to Europe from an Islamic hellhole, expect to have your every need addressed post haste, and if things don’t go your way, well then, it’s rape as far as the eye can see.  Right.  Got it.)

Meanwhile, Muslim leaders are calling for the resignation of police leadership.  Fair enough.  The police didn’t exactly do a bang-up (no pun intended) job.  But Muslim leaders are also using this opportunity to play the victim card.  (What a surprise!)  You know, right-wing, anti-immigrant conspiracy and all that.  They’re claiming that Islam preaches good values and condemns sexual assault.  So what’s their answer?  Hire more Muslim cops.

Riiiiiiiight.  That’ll fix it.

Hat tips: Atlas Shrugs

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