German police under fire for inaction during Muslim sex assaults

Fallout from the New Year's Eve sex assaults and robberies by Muslims in a square in front of the train station in Cologne, Germany continues.  There have been calls for the police chief to step down, and his officers have come under heavy criticism for standing by while the assaults were taking place.

Up to 100 women have reported that they were molested by a mob believed to have been made up of men of "Arab or North African" origin.

And police say this is not the first time this has happened.

Deutsche Welle:

Police said they tried to clear the square in front of Cologne's main train station after a crowd of some 1,000 men began throwing fireworks about. They reported that the sexual assaults and robberies, of which they claimed to be initially unaware, started after a number of smaller groups of men formed, some of which surrounded and molested female revelers.

So far, some 100 complaints by women of sexual assault and/or robbery have been received by police, some of them filed several days after the incidents took place - possibly partly due to the fact that some two-thirds of the victims were not from Cologne itself. A plain-clothes police woman was reportedly among those attacked, and at least one rape was reported.

Police quoted witnesses as saying that the men "appeared to be of Arab or North African origin."

Attacks 'not new'

Amid some reports that the attacks might have been coordinated, Justice Minister Heiko Maas spoke of "a new dimension of crime that we will have to get to grips with."

Maas' assessment of the situation as "new" was however, contradicted by the chairman of the police union BDK, Andre Schulz, who said these types of attacks on women with intent to steal had long been familiar to police.

"Anyone who speaks of a new dimension of organized criminality is either wrong, or lacks criminalistic and criminological knowledge," Schulz told the daily "Handelsblatt" newspaper.

The Cologne local newspaper "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" said many of the suspects were already known to police for their involvement in a spate of pickpocketing and muggings near the railway station, which is situated next to the city's famous Gothic cathedral.

Migration debate

In his interview, Maas declined to say whether refugees were responsible for some of the attacks, saying police were still trying to identify the assailants.

Maas also warned against letting outrage about the events of New Year's Eve spill over into the debate on Germany's refugee policy, with 1.1 million asylum seekers coming to the country in 2015.

"Making an issue out of it, lumping it together with the refugee issue, is nothing but exploitation. Now is the time to determine the facts and then decide on the necessary consequences," he said.

So the Germans "invite" 1.1 million people into their country, including apparently a sizable number of criminals.  And this isn't relevant to the debate over admitting more refugees?

Sounds like wishful thinking to me.  And as far as the behavior of a mob of Muslim men toward white women, you might recall this incident from 2011, when CBS reporter Lara Logan was sexually molested during the demonstrations to oust President Mubarak in Egypt.

Sometimes tearfully, Logan revealed horrifying new details of her gang rape on Feb. 11, when she was covering the surging crowd celebrating the toppling ofEgyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The South African mother of two - a former model turned death-defying combat reporter - said she was nearly scalped as well as stripped, beaten and assaulted by dozens of men.

She said she tried to hold on to her bodyguard, but he was swept away after someone yelled that Logan was an Israeli spy.

"The more I screamed, it turned them into a frenzy," she said.

As her clothes were torn off, she saw the repeated flashing of cell phone cameras.

"I didn't even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things," she said. "Because the sexual assault was all I could feel, their hands raping me over and over and over again.

"They were trying to tear off chunks of my scalp . . . not trying to pull out my hair, holding big wads of it literally trying to tear my scalp off my skull."

No, there's nothing new about Muslim men trying to rape a white women.  And it's something the Germans will have to learn to live with if they continue to accept open-ended migrations of men who think women are property and barely human.