German police admit rape gangs are an Arab game called 'Taharrush'

They’re not celebrating diversity in Germany quite as enthusiastically as Frau Merkel might prefer.  

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the main investigative authority in Germany, said in a response to Welt newspaper it knows sexual harassment of women in public is widespread in Arab countries, and that this is exactly what happened on New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Collective harassment is translated as “taharrush gamea” (حرش جماعي).

"Such crimes are committed by groups of young men… mostly when there are large gatherings of people, such as demonstrations. They range from sexual harassment to rape," the BKA told Welt.

Charming.  Where are the feminist groups on President Obama’s plans to bring young male Arabs and their charming customs from Syria to this country?

Here is what the game looks like when practiced in Egypt:

Hat tip: David Paulin