Embarrassing: Tickets for Chelsea Clinton fundraiser marked down from $2,700 to $50

That old Clinton magic is vanishing at an accelerating pace.  Not so long ago, campaign officials believed that people would hand over $2,700 for the opportunity to “come ride with Chelsea” at a trendy Soul Cycle indoor bicycle exercise emporium in Manhattan.  The icing on the cake was to be instruction by superstar Soul Cycle “senior master instructor,” Laurie Cole.

But an embarrassingly small number of tickets were sold at the rack rate.  To avoid the humiliation of so many empty spaces, the price was dropped over 98%, to fifty bucks which is barely lunch money for Chelsea – which is what someone might expect to pay for a group session even without the presence of a “senior master instructor” for just about any sport.

Chris Saprgo of the U.K. Daily Mail:

Chelsea Clinton hosted her highly-hyped Soul Cycle fundraiser for her mother in New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

The $2,700-a-head event, which offered just 60 seats at the popular cycling studio's Tribeca location and promised guests a photo with Chelsea, was expected to sell out quick while raising some easy money for the Hillary Clinton campaign but was ultimately a flop.

Such a flop in fact that in the end some seats were being sold for just $50, roughly the same price it costs to take a regular Soul Cycle class.

So Chelsea went from being the star attraction to a freebie.  And as they say on late-night infomercials, “but wait!  There’s more!”

For those who acted quickly (were operators on duty when the special offer went out?), a free bonus appearance by Billy Joel’s ex-wife was included:

One attendee, Billy Joel's ex Katie Lee, is friends with instructor Laurie Cole and may have been there to support her friend as much as to fundraise for the candidate[.[

There’s an old saying in show business about the importance of being nice to people on the way up, because you’ll meet them again on the way down.  Chelsea has not exactly been known for her charm when interacting with the little people.  With a normal life span, she will have several decades more in which to contemplate this piece of wisdom.