Did they say that about Obamacare at the debate?

The post-football Democrat debate came and went, and we can say a couple of things:

1) National security did not come up until the second half of the questions.  We can blame this on the moderators or the party leadership.  Maybe the party wanted to get to the pandering before reality.  Either way, it's hard to see how our next president is going to spend more time on guns than ISIS.

2) Hillary Clinton is good on her feet.  I hope that the GOP remembers that.  She may be dishonest, but she can charm the 47% who will vote for her no matter what.  Her knowledge of details means that the GOP candidate had better study up.  She is also going to go after the black vote by supporting Obama all the way!

Nevertheless, the most interesting part is what they said about Obamacare, as Paul Mirengoff commented:

Sanders wants universal health care coverage and points out that Obamacare leaves 29 million Americans uninsured. 

Clinton says that universal coverage is her goal too, but doesn’t want another contentious debate, and thus prefers to make Obamacare better. 

So ObamaCare left 29 million uninsured?  How did that happen?  

Sanders also made a reference to the many underinsured, along with a reference to the high deductibles and co-pay amounts in the plans.

I just hope that the GOP candidate reminds Hillary or Bernie in the debates that Obamacare fell short and turned out to be rather expensive.  In other words, it didn't work!

And that we have a better plan to replace it with!    

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