Could Obama be planning a huge surprise for the 2016 election?

The U.K. Daily Mail reports that Joe DiGenova, a one-time federal prosecutor, told radio host Laura Ingraham Tuesday "that the FBI's still-pending investigation of Clinton's email server seems to have reached 'a critical mass.'"

Further, "[a] recommendation for prosecution would not only roil the presidential race, but would put President Barack Obama in an unbelievably difficult position."

All well and good, but would such an indictment or even its serious consideration really put “President Barack Obama in an unbelievably difficult position”?  Or will it just toss him into the briar patch he wants?  After all, there are two things we know about Barack: one, he has an infinite capacity for self-delusion, and two, he hates both Clintons.

So here’s a prediction: if Clinton gets indicted, Michelle Obama gets the Obama team’s nod for the nomination.

Can Barack and Michelle pull such a thing off?  No, but the point is that they will think they can.  Remember the confidence, one might even say arrogant confidence, with which they flew off to Copenhagen in order to get the Olympics for Chicago and how flummoxed they were when the IOC gave them the back of their hand?  Remember how confident he was that his eighty-something speeches around the country would produce a groundswell of public opinion in favor of Obamacare?  How certain he was his Cairo apology would have the Middle East running to learn at his knee?   How certain she was of sainthood for insisting upon “healthy” school lunches?  Indeed, just look at how both he and Michelle drip sticky condescension on any of the lesser minds who disagree with them.

The fact is that Obama and the self-appointed dietary majordomo he’s married to just don’t operate in the real world at all, and so Hillary going down in flames they’ll see as an opportunity to offer the vast gushing majority of the little people, fans who for the most part now exist only in their own minds, another chance to cheer their greatness. 

Because in truth, their attitude toward the American people is much like the Dickensian landlord who was convinced that the commoners prayed each Sunday morning:

God Bless The Squire And All His Relations

And Keep Us In Our Proper Stations

A mindset so out of touch with where the country is at this point that it would trigger a lot of good theater inside the Democratic Party.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Thomas Lifson adds:

I agree that Michelle-for-presidfent is delusional but would note that a Michelle presidency offers a solution for a looming problem that has to be on Barack O’s mind: what to do with his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson.  To an astonishing extent, the fact that the president is sharing the White House with his mother-in-law receives almost no media attention.

But the White House is very large and has an even larger staff, creatuing plenty of room for maneuver.  So the opportunities for friction are minimized.  No matter how large the speaking fees, bestselling book royalties, and other lucre available in his post-presidency, ex-president Obama is unlikley to have as much insulation from Mrs. Robinson, assuming she continues to live with him and Michelle.  And if she doesn’t, then that will raise awkward questions about kicking her out.

The prospect of continuing to share the White House certtainly offers an advantage in postponing those issues.

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