Bill and Hill - and the Evil that Men Do

If you asked one hundred people what they think about when they hear the name Bill Clinton, a goodly number will say womanizer, cheater – a few will use the dreadful word rapist. And that number will increase. Time and neurology are working against the Clintons.

Most memory training programs are simply a matter of learning how to associate memories with emotionally charged ideas. This is because the brain is designed to remember where the dangers and the goodies lie and to forget the dry statistics. The brain is more inclined to remember Jennifer Flowers than the unemployment rate in 1996. This effect has tainted the collective memory of many presidents, for example, disclosures about the mistresses of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Kennedy. This effect will increase for Bill Clinton both because of the outrageous nature of his conduct and the way it has and will be reported.

People tend to cut quite a bit of slack for the weaknesses of the flesh because there’s a lot of that going around. But Hillary will gain no benefit from that latitude. Everyone knows she stood by her man, blamed his women, and perhaps was a psychological co-rapist for the sake of her political ambitions.  Before the next president is elected, Hillary will not only have an albatross around her neck, she will be covered with names like Wellstone, Broaddrick, Moffet, Ward Gracen, Brown, Dowdy, Jones, Ferguson, Zercher, Willey, and more. A majority of those one hundred people will remember the evil the Clintons did, and their legacy will be lost in the folds of tattered dresses and bleeding lips.

Lives -- after them, the good is oft interred with their bones. So let it be with the Clintons.