Austrian schoolgirls raped by ‘refugee’ schoolboys and other horror stories

It’s reported that several schoolgirls in Salzburg, Austria were subjected to sexual assault by conquerors (“unaccompanied minors”) from Syria and Afghanistan.  The headmaster of the school thought the boys were happy, grateful, and “integrating themselves very well.”

Except that they weren’t.

Well, maybe they were happy.  I can’t speak to that.  But they certainly weren’t integrating – a pipe dream of European leftists. Barbaric 7th-century values (such as they are) don’t integrate with modernity, Western values, and/or any civilization that has plans to survive for a little bit longer.

It was only after reports of sexual assaults in Cologne began to surface that Austrian schoolgirls came forward to report that they, too, had been assaulted and groped.  And not just on New Year’s Eve.  But for many months.  The Local reports:

The allegations go back to last November, and involve verbal abuse and suggestive comments as well as physical violence in which the girls say they were groped and fondled.

The attacks got more serious as time went by. The 14-year-old said that she was often hit by a 15-year-old from Afghanistan, including an incident where she was hit so badly from behind that she smashed her head onto the desk.

She was attacked again on Wednesday by the same boy, who smashed her against a locker so hard that the police were called. They took the victim and the accused to the station.

After hearing of her ordeal, police then expanded the investigation.

The headmistress said the allegations were “a complete shock” and the school is exploring why the girls suffered for so long without reporting the assaults.  (I don’t think it would take a genius to figure that out.)

Four boys (ages 14-16) have currently been identified as the attackers, and they have all been suspended.


That’ll teach ’em.

But not to worry.  Education officials have additional ideas for how to handle the Islamic tradition of treating women like chattel (my description, not theirs).  How?  With plans to “appoint a coordinator to oversee all school-age asylum seekers and their teachers.”

Ah.  I see.  A coordinator.  Shoot.  Why didn’t someone think of that before?  A coordinator might be just the thing the West needs to fix the little problem we’ve imported (sarc. off).

Salzburg school officials might want to budget for a few more coordinators than originally expected, because Germany is sending quite a few of its newly arrived conquerors to Austria.  The Express reports: “Angela Merkel has made a huge U-turn in her immigration policies after it emerged Germany has sent 300 migrants back to Austria each day in the last month.”

If I may take a brief detour here to comment.

It’s crazy to write that Muslim migrants are being sent back to Austria, as if that’s where they came from!  And there’s no “huge U-turn” here.  All Merkel is doing is creating U-turns for some migrants and inflicting them on neighboring countries, but there is absolutely no U-turn in her immigration policy.  Germany is on track to receive another million conquerors this year.  On top of the million it received last year.  On top of the significant population of Muslims it already had.

OK.  Thank you for indulging that sidetrack.  Now back to Europe’s stupid strategies to maintain civil order.

In addition to bogus ideas like hiring coordinators to make sure schoolgirls aren’t groped, attacked, and threatened, some towns in Germany have created leaflets to teach barbarians how to be civilized at local pools, using comic strips that show groping women is not allowed.


Here we are in the 21st century, and Europeans are implementing absurd tools to make savages behave – tactics that wouldn’t be needed if Europe embraced the value of being Europe and not Eurabia.  And tactics that won’t make a bit of difference.

The Local reports that the leaflets were developed a couple of years ago after there were increasing problems at public swimming pools, with one spokesman stating: “The ground rule of respect for women – whatever clothing they're wearing – is unfortunately not respected by all our swimmers.  That’s why there is an explicit indication about it.”

Oh, I see.  An explicit indication.  I think that will work about as well as suspension and coordination.

Meanwhile, reports of sexual assaults perpetrated against European women by Muslim men continue to come to light.  Most recently, the Express reported that a British teenager was sexually assaulted by a Muslim mob in Paris over New Year’s Eve, where she was stripped, forced to the ground, and penetrated by multiple men, with as many as five or six on top of her at any one time as a larger group of around 50 pushed in to gain access to her as well.

It has also been determined that most of the Cologne attackers were Moroccans posing as Syrian refugees.

We in the United States are on track for all of it – the attacks, the cover-ups, and the pointless comic book strategies that fail to grasp the nature of what we are up against.  (Nature of what we are up against = Islamic law as written in the Quran.)

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch