Asylum seeker ‘accidentally’ stabs Swedish woman to death

In the century of stupidity in which we now live, the opening remarks of just about any authority figure and/or journalist covering an act of jihad are likely to contain a pronouncement of what the act is not.  And what they claim it isn’t is just about always what it is.  What it is = jihad, Islamic terror, Islamic supremacy, Quran-inspired violence against non-believers, barbaric 7th-century practices.  Take your pick.  It all leads to the same dark place.

So recently, when a colonizer stabbed a Swedish woman to death, the rule noted above was on display, as CNN’s report began: “A 15-year-old asylum seeker stabbed a refugee center worker to death Monday in Sweden in an incident that’s not being classified as terrorism, police say.”

Hold that thought for just a moment, because I’ll come back to it.

The CNN video that accompanies the story starts out with this commentary:

They say they have quite a lot of young migrants coming to the country. That in their asylum centers, such as this one, it’s not unusual to have violence – mostly it’s between the refugees or the migrant themselves – and the police get called in and they say that is a major distraction. But this comes hard on the heels of just a few weeks ago when a young refugee stabbed a school boy. It’s the sort of thing that at this very sensitive time inflames passions before the police can even get to the bottom of precisely what happened here.

There is so much one can say about that short statement.  Let’s start by touching base with what I promised to come back to.  How can the following two presumed realities exist at the same time?  (1) This is not an act of terror, and (2) the police have yet to “get to the bottom of precisely what happened.”  How can you know what something is or isn’t if the investigation’s not complete, no less barely even underway?

You can’t.  Yet we see this idiotic pattern occur time and again with respect to Islamic terror.

Mind you, if a perpetrator is a member of any other religious (or racial) demographic, then a different set of rules applies as political elites and the media rush to connect dots, including those that are irrelevant.

But Muslims are the protected class, and as such, they live under a separate set of rules.

In fact, the rules just got crazier in Sweden: the police are no longer allowed to give descriptions of suspects because they’re afraid it makes them seem like racists.  In a report at the U.K. Independent, one of the police press officers stated: “We want to avoid pointing out ethnic groups as criminal.”  Apparently “some people” complained that it’s racist when the police report a suspect’s skin color, for example.  And gosh, the police sure don’t want to appear racist.  So they caved to this latest round of insanity and will no longer publicize certain kinds of descriptive information.

Of course (again), we know what this is about.  It’s yet another example of Islamic supremacy and Western dhimmitude in action.  And it’s also quite likely why CNN reported that the country of origin of the knife-wielding jihadist (my words, not theirs) was known, but the police did not divulge it.

Meanwhile, none of this addresses the comment that the police find the violence that breaks out among “migrants” a “distraction.”  A distraction? It’s the seed of what is destroying Sweden.  That and the fact that the Swedes appear eager to be destroyed, so riddled are they with guilt for being Swedes.  Who are white.  And who, until not that long ago, lived in a fairly homogeneous culture.  Which, as we all know, is now scorned.  Because diversity and multiculturalism.

Then there was the focus on the CNN video about how passions become inflamed after, oh, I don’t know, a stabbing here, a rape there, a murder over here.  Heaven forbid a single Swede take issue with having his country turned into a 7th-century Islamic swamp.  Let’s not have any “inflamed passions” people!

Couple that with the police spokesman stating: “This was not terrorism. We think it might have been an accident, or there was a fight.”  I’m surprised he didn’t say it was a “misunderstanding,” but hey, the week is still young.  There’s plenty of time to sink to further depths.  The spokesperson should probably carry around a large rag to wipe off the cowardice and dhimmitude dripping off of him.

Sad, pathetic, absurd, dangerous, suicidal, insane, cowardly, shameful, and sickening are just a few printable words that come to mind on this entire affair.

Along with prayers for the young woman who was slaughtered.  May she rest in peace.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs