Another Cologne cover-up

Authorities in Cologne were covering up mass sexual assaults well before the New Year’s Eve riots, rapes, and robberies.  In November of last year, German women were victims of another mass attack by newly arrived conquerors (aka “refugees”).  And the context could not have been more ironic.

The Express reports that a welcome party for refugees turned into a “mass groping session.”  Young women who attended the event fled in terror as gangs of Muslim men groped women en masse, pressing in on them, touching, grabbing, and kissing.

Apparently organizers of the party made several announcements in Arabic during the party asking the men to stop.  As you can imagine, their pleas to behave in a civilized manner went unheeded.  But quite frankly, it’s deplorable that all the organizers did was make these announcements.  The party should have been shut down, and the police should have been called.

But forgive me.  That’s a 20th-century idea.  Now we’re in a new century, where the West craves an earlier time.  Like, say, the 7th century.

In light of these new revelations, the police and the victims are enraged that the information was suppressed by the city council, as it is believed that many of the men who engaged in these “abhorrent … twisted sex crimes” were among those who attacked women on New Year’s Eve.

If only those in the West would realize that what we rightfully consider abhorrent is normal for the Islamic world, which is why we should not import people from Islamic lands.

But the West refuses to see reality for what it is, and so the person on the city council who was responsible for integrating refugees in Cologne decided to keep a lid on what happened at the party because she “did not want to make a fuss.”  We can now add not wanting to “make a fuss” to the ever-growing list of insane rationales dhimmis will offer up.  (Of course, we know the real reason she “did not want to make a fuss.”)

In addition to her disdain for fuss-making, she also suffered a bit of conveniently timed amnesia, stating that she could not recall if she told the victims to report the crimes to the police while she also felt confident that “the student organizers had learned from the situation.”

Yeah, they learned, all right!  One can only hope she learned the right lessons: that Muslim “migrants” are really an army of invaders, that they are to be avoided at all cost, that they should not be imported, that they should not be welcomed, and that the German government cannot be trusted.  Considering that the women were at a party to welcome “refugees,” I’m guessing they were quite indoctrinated in their thinking, and if even one of these potential lessons was learned, it would be a small miracle.

Meanwhile, all of this has come to light only because one of the victims decided to step forward and file a report with the police after the events of New Year’s Eve were exposed.  It’s not as if any person in a position of authority had a moral twinge.

One can only wonder how many women in Europe have been stalked, cornered, spit on, punched, groped, threatened, stripped, and raped who have not come forward.  With each passing day, more and more women and teenage girls across the continent are sharing their stories of sexual assault (in some cases, ongoing threats and assault) at the hands of Muslim men and boys, whether on New Year’s eve or well prior.

This is what happens when you import a depraved culture that follows the teachings of a depraved man that commands supremacy over non-believers – supremacy that is asserted in all manner of ways.  And the women and girls of Europe are feeling it.