5500 Hillary emails released late afternoon on New Year's Eve

Gee...it's almost as if the State Department doesn't want anyone to read them.

While just about every journalist in the United States was leaving their office to perpare for New Year's Eve parties and festivities, the State Department dumped 5500 emails on the public, thus guaranteeing that they would receive little if any notice.

Thankfully, a few reporters were pressed into service to examine the latest batch, and there were several emails that will raise a few eyebrows in Washington.

But most of the emails deal with mundane matters and fawning aides. 

The Hill:

Thursday's dump — coming the afternoon of New Year's Eve — is the seventh of eight court-ordered releases. 

The full 100 percent of her emails are ordered to be released publicly by Jan. 29. 

Many of the emails concern personnel matters, such as Clinton congratulating people on new jobs, or recommending people for jobs, overseeing Congressional confirmation of appointees, or nominating employees for awards. 

One dated February 2012 showed that as a favor, Clinton got someone named "Bill" to call a former staffer-turned-Maryland-assemblyman to urge him to vote for a gay marriage bill. 

"Pls let him know Bill called--unsuccessfully," Clinton writes.

Many others are much less serious. 

In an April 5, 2012, email with the subject line: "Photo gone viral," Clinton discussed her famous "texts from Hillary" photo showing her in a C-17 aircraft wearing shades and using her Blackberry. 

Hillary expressed to aide Cheryl Mills that she was perplexed as to why the photo would go viral, to which Mills replied, "You look cute." 

In another email, a friend commented how the "great press" Clinton was getting on "all things sartorial and hair related." 

"Who would have thunk it at this stage in our lives. A whole new reason for you to be my hero!" she wrote. 

"Ain't it weird? But, I'm not complaining..." Clinton replied. 

There were a few eyebrow raisers too. One email reported that George Soros told a Clinton aide that he "regretted" backing Obama in 2008. Another one from Clinton hatchet man Sid Blumenthal reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she despised the “Obama phenomenon.” 

But there were also several more emails that were marked, "secret" or "classified." That brings the total of sensitive emails that should never have been on Clinton's private server to more than 1200.

The rest of Clinton's emails are scheduled for release this month.

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