24 hours of headlines where Islam hits the West

After writing up news coverage of the Islamic advance against the West that covered a time period of just under a week, and then a report covering just under four days, and then coverage that spanned 72 hours, I decided to write up one day’s worth of reports on the death, darkness, and destruction that infects the West courtesy of the religion of war.  A sampling of Sunday’s stories is noted below.

Germany: Christian refugees positively identified members of the Islamic State living in Germany.  Frankfurt plans to house senior citizens and refugees together.  A pregnant woman was attacked by six “refugees.”  Yet another nightclub contended with “migrants” attacking female patrons, following women into the restroom, groping them on the dance floor, and forcing women to run a gauntlet when they exit the club (here, here, here, and here).

Israel: “Palestinians” continued to attack Israelis, such as on Sunday, when they hurled explosives and used knives to slash people (here).

Netherlands: Two pilots leaving Amsterdam’s airport were intercepted by the RAF, who cracked their communication codes and foiled their plans to carry out an Islamic State attack and bomb four cities in the United Kingdom in the near future (here).

Sweden: The man who hit and spit on a mother with two small children who was attempting to stop him from stealing the purse of an elderly woman was arrested.  And he is being sent back to the last country he was in before entering Sweden: Denmark.  Danish authorities have confirmed they are ready to receive him.  (Note: My Sunday research pulled reports that varied regarding the assailant, with some stating he is Muslim, some stating he is Tunisian without stating his “religion,” and an AT commentator Mr_Speck noting on my Saturday blog that the man is a Romanian gypsy, so as of this writing, I cannot confirm with 100% accuracy that the man is a Muslim.) (here, here, here, and here).

United Kingdom: Muslims with more than one wife will gain extra benefits under new U.K. welfare reforms.  The family of a convert to Islam who joined the Islamic State blames right-wing media for his radicalization.  A Muslim refugee threatened to cut out his wife’s heart because she had become “too English.”  A Muslim student was suspended from a Muslim school because he spoke with a member of the opposite sex.  A court was told an accused jihadist’s tracking tag fell off because he was praying five times a day.  Two Muslim men sexually assaulted and robbed a young woman as she was leaving a nightclub.  The chairman of a mosque called for a boycott of the nation’s counter-terrorism program.  The police claim they lost a Rotherham sex grooming gang victim’s diary that was filled with detailed accounts of the abuse.  Leaders of the teachers union colluded with Islamic supremacists to thwart anti-terror initiatives (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

EU: Authorities handed out comic strips to teach “migrants” not to attack women and that homosexuals kissing is OK.  A new report showed that nearly half of those living in Europe hate Jews.  The Islamic State released a video showing the Paris jihadists carrying out barbaric acts, including beheadings, in Syria.  PEGIDA is planning mass demonstrations across Europe on February 6 (here, here, here, and here).

United States: A bomb scare forced a flight that originated in Texas to be diverted to Ireland.  The CEO of the Chobani yogurt company urged the company to hire “Muslim refugees.”  A Muslim in Florida planned to dress up as the Joker and gun down his boss.  A Minnesota chapter of the United Way honored a Somali refugee with an award for his non-profit organization that, it turns out, is defunct because it missed important filing deadlines (here, here, here, and here).

In sum, Islamic supremacy asserted itself, from individual acts against individual people to plots for large scale attacks against the West.  Meanwhile, Muslims and idiotic Islamist sympathizers made various attempts to quash our ability to intercept attacks before they happen, Europe continued to make pathetic attempts to turn savages into civilized human beings, leaders made one insane decision after another, stupid excuses were offered for unacceptable things, mosques proved dangerous havens for dangerous people, women are constant targets of sexual assault, and a hell of a lot of Europeans and Muslims (that goes without saying) still hate Jews.

All in a day’s work when evil is at the helm.

Hat tips to the amazing folks who chronicle Islamic supremacism 24/7/365: Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, Religion of Peace, Creeping Sharia, Gates of Vienna, Counter Jihad Report.  Additional hat tips: Breitbart, RT, Express, The Tundra Tabloids, Mirror, Telegraph, Daily Mail, NY Daily News, Legal Insurrection, Elder of Zion, i24 News, Algemeiner

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