White privilege causes everything....including Michigan

Remember when it was global warming that caused everything?  Now the deranged left has a new fixation, and it’s called “white privilege.”  Blake Neff of The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

A professor at Calvin College in Michigan wrote a column accusing his students and fellow faculty members of being white supremacists for failing to accept the notion of “white privilege.” The professor also says Calvin College itself and the entire state of Michigan only exist because of said white privilege. (snip)

“While few members of this community openly espouse white supremacy, many members of our community continue to deny white privilege. It must be clearly stated that those who deny white privilege functionally believe in white supremacy, whether they have the courage to write it on a car or not.” [this refers to a swastika written on a car on campus]

Kuilema goes on to say both Calvin College and the entire state of Michigan are products of white privilege and white supremacy.

“White supremacy created slavery and Jim Crow, but when it was combined with its Calvinist cousin Manifest Destiny … it also created Michigan,” he says. “The land on which Calvin College sits was stolen from what our own Declaration of Independence termed ‘the merciless Indian savages’ by the Treaty of Chicago in 1821 … Calvin College would not exist without racism.”

God only knows what the next leftist fixation will be.  Gluten?

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