University social engineering is getting insane

Straight shooter Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, has proclaimed: "This is not a day care.  This is a university!"  A sensible position disseminated on Fox and Friends.  Dr. Piper should "school" Brandeis University president Lisa M. Lynch, a politically correct contortionist with the proficiency of a yogi, who coddles the student body like a frantic mother hen.

Specifically, in her infinite wisdom as the head of a major university, Ms. Lynch recently shared an innocuously titled survey with the alumni called the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct.  This is no weather report.  Apparently, things are so out of control that rape has become rampant at Brandeis.  My verbatim response:

Why are you sharing this frankly abhorrent survey with the Alumni of Brandeis University and what are "we" to do about other than hang our collective heads in shame at our once great alma mater? Unless you plan to turn Brandeis University into an Orwellian police state and distribute chastity belts and tranquilizer guns to the victimized, I don't see how simply "raising awareness" will make an appreciable difference as the horror of sexual assault is already well known to this present generation.

You will not stand for further sexual assaults? That's great. Those are strong words, but they are only words in an otherwise hand-wringing letter that implies desperation rather than presidential leadership. Psychologically, rape is not about youthful exuberance or sex. It is a crime of violence and it should have concrete, spelled-out consequences such as expulsion and criminal prosecution. Specifically, the powers-that-be at Brandeis should coordinate your town hall meetings with a Boston police presence to scare straight your little darlings back to a virtuous path. The police should speak on this form of crime, emphasizing the risk of jail time for such unfortunate behavior choices. Likewise, as president, you should make it clear that any such future information of this sort that comes to the University's attention will be immediately and fully provided to local authorities for investigation.

In short, meaningful action, as articulated above, is required. Not more political, cover-my-ass letters which serve only to alienate the Alumni from the university and discourage our children from attending Brandeis for safety reasons.

Time to put on your big-girl pants – and lead.

Unfortunately, Dr. Piper's plain-speaking accountability isn't part of Ms. Lynch's "re-education" policies.  And with the real-world tone-deafness of many indoctrinated academics (Mr. Obama leaps to mind), Ms. Lynch is obvious in her intent to create a consequence-free zone.  Her ministrations will resonate with all the effectiveness of off-screen teacher gibberish in old-school Peanuts cartoons.  Apparently, the plan includes appointing a "sensitivity czar" – that is, a vice president of diversity and inclusion.  (Will this person be responsible for the distribution of uniforms with piping?  Only time will tell.)

Brandeis University used to be about free thinking, the open exchange of diverse ideas, and most importantly the peaceful tolerance of unpopular viewpoints.  Those days are long gone.  Its motto, "Truth unto its innermost parts," has been all but forgotten, supplanted by this Salem witch hunt of the 21st century: ideological fascism (coupled with the politics of victimization).  Another version of the University of Missouri.

Fundamentally, college is supposed to be run by mature adults, who maintain order to facilitate the blossoming of individual character.  Therefore, the focus of resources should be on instructing the next generation how to think, and how to reason, in a measured way.  That's not happening today.  These institutions have morphed into progressive, pacifying nanny-states in which certain historical terms can't be spoken and whole curricula can be changed if one person finds something offense.

This insidious flame of madness has befuddled university presidents (themselves products of the turbulent '60s) into assuming that these disturbing dynamics are "more of the same."  Yet this isn't your grandmother's bra-burning protest.  This is anarchy everywhere, evident (à la Black Lives Matter) from Yale to Dartmouth and beyond.  In this oppressive, totalitarian environment, young minds are warped rather than liberated, and very expensive six-figure college degrees are wasted.

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