Trump Versus Reason

We are not in an age of reason. We are in an age of emotion.

A knock against the low-information Leftist electorate has been that they’d traded their ability to think for “how they feel” about the issues of the day. Free college education – I can’t think of any reason that that’s not a good idea(because I can’t think), but it “feels” good. Mass, unfettered, Illegal Immigration – Again, I can’t think of any reasons that this might not be a good idea, in spite of its negative impact on the availability of jobs and downward pressure on incomes, or the possibility that “radical elements” might infiltrate the, oh-so-sweet children coming here (out of Love) to pursue the American dream.

Have conservative voters abandoned reason, to service their own emotional well-being, in their support of Donald Trump?

As we view the great statesmen in history – Reagan, Thatcher, Churchill, Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, et al, these leaders appealed not only to our emotions, but also to our intellects. We could reason that they deserved some measure of our trust and respect. 

Which brings us back to Donald Trump. Donald Trump appeals to my emotions, as he seemingly appeals to the emotions of millions of voters across the country. We mustn’t (necessarily) confuse though, our feelings about what Donald is saying as intellectual reasoning to support his nomination to President of the United States, and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that Donald Trump is absolutely necessary for this election cycle, as he obliterates vestige after vestige of Political Correctness, but in the quiet space of reason, one should be calm in their analysis about what is needed in response to eight years of Barack Obama.    

If you can reason a case for Donald Trump as commander in chief, good on ya, but take caution that it is your intellect making this case, and not your emotions. We are almost through 2008’s emotion-based selection. Let’s not double-down on one bad emotional experience, by making our own.

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