The Planned Parenthood killer was pro-choice

Here’s a most inconvenient but undeniable truth: the monster who killed civilians and a cop near a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs recently was pro-choice. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean he was an abortion supporter.  From what authorities have said, the killer was a deranged loner who lived without electricity.  Amongst other things, that bit of information unfortunately ruins the predictable template pushed by our evil media that he was incited by pro-life internet rhetoric.

No, acknowledging the killer as pro-choice simply means that the killer of three in Colorado shares the same ideology of Planned Parenthood and its supporters.  Judging by his actions, there is no questioning the fact that the murderer felt he possessed the authority to choose the death of his victims.  He felt entitled, for God only knows what reason, to devalue life he deemed unworthy to live and then exterminate it.

You know, precisely what Planned Parenthood makes millions of dollars doing.

That’s what makes the reaction to the Colorado massacre by the pro-abortion cult in our country so bizarre and senseless.  Within moments of the shooting – long before we knew that no one who worked or was a patient at Planned Parenthood was targeted or killed – leftist abortion supporters were making this event their Alamo. 

The hashtag “Stand with Planned Parenthood” disgustingly began trending on Twitter.  Celebrities and activists for the abortion lobby immediately shifted into full victim mode and unsurprisingly started raising money off the rampage.  What none of these degenerate thinkers apparently stopped to consider was that the killer harbored the same cold philosophy that they promote daily.

Remember that while Planned Parenthood and its allies mourned the loss of innocent life Friday afternoon, they were guilty of perpetrating the exact same offense Friday morning.  Who knows but that they weren’t in the act of destroying innocent life the moment the shooter arrived?  In a macabre twist of irony, then, those who would “stand with Planned Parenthood” actually stand with the man who killed adults near their facility.

Thanks in no small part to the legalization of child-killing in America, we now live in a culture that believes that murdering an infant is a legitimate choice between a woman and her doctor.  We live in a culture that believes that exterminating the elderly is humane and ethical.  We live in a culture that believes that suicide is not only acceptable when a physician assists you, but actually laudable, courageous, and praiseworthy if you’re a young mom with a brain tumor.

As we have rebelled against the existence of God and His moral authority over all cultures, our society has logically embraced a utilitarian view of life that cheapens the value of the weakest and most vulnerable among us.  We have removed a belief in the intrinsic worth of humanity made in the image of God and have feebly replaced it with a Bill Nye lecture on how empathy toward our fellow humans makes our evolutionary experience super-“cool.”  We simply aren’t a serious people anymore.  We’re a caricature of what happens to men when we become too smart to listen to our Creator.

Planned Parenthood and all those who continue to euphemistically excuse and defend child-killing for convenience promote the devaluing of human life for their own purposes.  Thus, they have no moral standing to condemn another individual who devalues human life to suit his own purposes. 

Pray for them all – for the suffering, for the injured and traumatized, and most of all for the souls of those who willfully affiliate themselves with the murder of humanity at any age.  May this horrible incident, and the horrible ones unfolding today at hundreds of Planned Parenthood facilities, wake us all to the depravity of valuing human life as anything less than precious. 

Until we do, the bloodshed will not stop.

Peter Heck is a speaker, author, and teacher.  Follow him @peterheck, email  or visit