The next affirmative action group will be Muslims

Barack Obama continues to fundamentally transform and tilt our nation to favor one of his favorite groups – Muslims -- at the expense of everyone else.

Early in his presidency, Barack Obama’s plans to control the Census Bureau unleashed a firestorm of criticism. The White House in a radical move ordered the Census Bureau to work directly with Barack Obama aides. Since the 2010 census would play a key role in drawing House districts and electoral votes at least until 2020 there was criticism that Obama’s moves, supported by other Democrats, would be used for partisan purposes to empower Democrats.

But there may have been ulterior motives, as there so often are when it comes to Democrat machinations. The Wall Street Journal reports that moves are afoot to create a new way to empower Muslims who live in America:

The U.S. Census Bureau has opened the door to counting people of Middle Eastern descent for the first time, setting off an intense debate about who fits in the category and whether they will also divulge their ethnicity to the government.

Some 1.2 million households received pilot questionnaires containing the new category starting in August. If adopted, the changes would rework how the federal government tracks race and ethnicity by allowing millions of Americans to identify themselves as Middle Eastern or North African. Most have previously marked themselves as “white.”

Middle Eastern Americans have for decades pushed for being counted on the Census. In 1997, the federal government decided against giving them a Census category because advocates couldn’t agree on who fit into the group. The federal government defines “white” as anyone having origins in Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. (snip)

This year, the National Network for Arab American Communities helped encourage more than 4,000 people to write to the Census Bureau to urge the change. Arab American groups say it would bolster political power and might yield affirmative-action benefits and minority business contracts from the federal government. They contend it would enhance civil-rights protections, as well.

There has been a massive expansion of immigrants coming into America -- one that has accelerated under Barack Obama. At least 1,500,000 immigrants from Middle Eastern countries have moved to America since 9/11. Barack Obama has opened the door for this trend to continue if not go into overdrive -- and this extends to far more than his welcome mat for Syrian “refugees.”  Barack Obama has plans to bring in 85,000 refugees in the coming year (not just Syrians).According to Senator Jeff Sessions, 91 percent of recent Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps and 73 percent receive free health care. The lifetime costs to American taxpayers for 85,000 refugees will be 55 billion dollars.

As I have written in Obama’s Grand Plan, Barack Obama has plans to forge a political bloc of minorities to wield power long after he has left office-his power will be sued for baleful purposes for decades to come .

But that is just a start if Barack Obama and his Democratic allies grant them a census category all their own since it opens a door for them -- and all their descendants forever -- to be considered minorities for affirmative action purposes. Those costs will make $55 billion appear to be miniscule.

Middle Eastern groups have been pushing for years for this change: George Bush opposed the designation. Barack Obama is pushing it as part of his plans to radically transform America-as he promised to do in 2008.

His legacy will last forever. Americans will be paying the price.

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