The bloodier San Bernardino massacre that wasn't pulled off

Enrique Marquez, accomplice to the San Bernardino jihadists, has been charged and it seems he’s talking up a storm with the authorities. Recent revelations include confirmation that terror magazine, Inspire, was used to learn how to make explosive devices and plan attacks. Additional ideas were culled from al-Shabaab videos and the teachings of Anwar al-Awlaki – a savage who was hailed as a “moderate” Muslim, who wined and dined at the Pentagon just months after 9/11, who stated in a 2001 WaPo video that “Islam is a religion of peace,” and who, the following year was cranking out videos in Yemen preaching jihad against us.

Marquez confessed that he and Farook were planning an attack on the library or cafeteria at the community college they attended (Riverside Community College). The plan was to position themselves on the second floor above the room, throw pipe bombs into the room, and then shoot people as they fled. They planned to carry out a similar attack on freeway travelers.

Obama’s America has arrived in the form of bullets and bombs that may target any one of us on any given day.

Hat tip: Breitbart

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