Tax-funded nonprofits seek to crush 'pockets of resistance' to admitting Muslim refugees

If you object to increasing the number of Muslims coming to the US as “refugees,” you are part of a “pocket of resistance” that is being targeted by big money nonprofits that together are in line to receive a billion dollars from the federal government to bring them here. Michael Patrick Leahy has a shocking, detailed report at Breitbart.
The nine contractors receiving huge payments from the White House’s $1 billion U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program have launched an aggressive PR campaign to crush what they call “pockets of resistance” to the Muslim migration into the United States.

That campaign is led by Welcoming America, a “non-profit” immigrant advocacy group run by “Ashoka Fellow” David Lubell. His group received its first funding in 2007 from the George Soros-financed Four Freedoms Foundation.

The Obama administration intends to bring at least 10,000 Syrian refugees, almost all Muslim, to the U.S. in FY 2016, unless Congress decides this month to restrict the program’s use of taxpayers’ funds.

As Breitbart News reported previously, five of these nine “voluntary agencies,” dubbed VOLAGs, are Christian non-profit organizations. They include Catholic Charities, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Church World ServiceEpiscopal Migration Ministries, and World Relief Corporation, which is an arm of the National Association of Evangelicals.

The phrase “pockets of resistance” first entered the vocabulary of the State Department and the subcontracting VOLAGs in 2013, as Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote at the time. But its origins can be traced to the founding of Lubell’s Welcoming America, which was financially aided by George Soros.

The connection between Welcoming America and George Soros began in 2007 when his Four Freedoms Foundation helped provide the organization’s initial funding. Here is a summary from Welcoming America’s website about how the organization got its start, with the help of George Soros.

There is much more. Read the whole thing.

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