Syrian colonizer in Germany would sell his parents to advance the Caliphate

An Islamic supremacist (redundant, I know) states his goals while riding a train through Germany as he talks about his desire to Islamicize Europe. So great is his passion that he would sell his parents to serve Allah and fulfill hijra, as is mandated in the Quran. My main goal for leaving Syria is to lead people the acceptance of Islam (points index finger up). If my wish comes true, I would gladly forgo the whole world. For this purpose, I would not only sell Syria, I also my parents, who are more valuable to me than Syria. I swear by Allah, I only came here for this one goal. But this will be very demanding work for me….   He continues to talk about how he has encountered people who are curious about Islam, his desire to convert them, and the idea that they too would venture forth and convert others. If he achieves his goal, he says he would never return to Syria and that he would be rewarded (go to Paradise). Notice his willingness to die for Allah when he...(Read Full Post)