Sword-wielding Muslim chases neighbor in California, and other news from adherents of the Religion of Peace

A Muslim man wielding a sword screamed that he would “die and kill for Allah” as he chased his terrified neighbor down the street.  It happened on Monday in Victorville, California, located in San Bernardino County.  The Victor Valley News reports that the suspect, Mohamed Elrawi, was taken into custody after investigators searched his home and found a copy of the Quran and other items suggesting he had become “radicalized.”  (I happen to think the word “radicalized” is as bogus as the term “radical Islam.”  People do not become radicalized.  They become devout.) Well, that’s creepy. Breitbart reports that a Jordanian with an American passport proclaimed he wanted “to join Allah” while attempting to open a plane door mid-flight.  The flight crew and passengers had to restrain him until the plane was able to land. The incident occurred ... when the man – a Jordanian with an...(Read Full Post)