Stunning New York Times headline reveals its bias

The editorial staff of the New York Times, like that of the Washington Post, is so blind to its own biases that they produce material that is laughable, once the outrage dies down. Consider the headline that caught the attention of Students Supporting Israel and Stand with Us on Facebook:

This is so ridiculous that only someone who firmly believes that all the wrong lies on Israel’s side could possibly write it. Israelis can’t be “killed” they only “die” because justice, the laws of history, Allah, or some other force makes their deaths inevitable, not some agency like a Palestinian terrorist. The article under the headline concerned “a terror attack at Jaffa gate in Jerusalem in which 2 Palestinian terrorist brutally stabbed 3 Israelis - 2 of whom succumbed to their wounds,” according to Stand with Us.

As Students Supporting Israel noted,

After 8 hours of being online the headline was changed to - "Palestinian Stabbers Kill Israeli, Assailants Shot Dead"

Apparently like the Washington Post, blowback opened a few eyes previously blinded by political bias.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman