So little time remaining, so much left to ruin

As President Barack Obama (D) plans his flashy farewell tours as president...

President Barack Obama will be making good use of Air Force One while he still can.

Obama has asked aides to set a busy international travel schedule for him in his final year, with “half a dozen” trips already in the works and more potentially coming together. The travel will be aimed at cementing a foreign policy legacy he hopes will include the Trans-Pacific Partnership, significant global movement on climate change.

He’ll be fighting the same battle to keep the world from looking past him as he will be at home.

...he – and his Organizing  for Action crew – are desperately reminding the folks back home that he's still president and that they should watch him, listen to him, and oh, by the way, give him/them your contact information so they can continue their winning ways with your money after he is no longer president.  

On January 12th, President Obama is giving his final State of the Union address, and organizers from around the country are committing to watch and get ready for the fight ahead.  

This final address will probably be full of the usual puffery at his accomplishments both here and abroad, classifying the increasingly expensive bureaucratic nightmare of Obamacare as a success and proudly listing fulfilling his promise of troop withdrawal while blaming the increasingly expensive nightmare of Obamacare and the need to fight against JV (junior varsity) “non-Islamist” Islamic State terrorists in areas where he withdrew troops on...racist Republicans. 

Our long national nightmare may be finally over in a year, but its destructive effects will remain with us for years.