Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) disrespects Native Americans

Just in time for Thanksgiving and the Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa/end of the secular and/or religious fiscal year shopping season... 

November was also Native American Heritage Month.  Over at the Boston Herald, not too far from the very first Thanksgiving the Native Americans celebrated/endured with the invading English settlers, American Howie Carr diligently tried to interview Massachusetts's "Native American" Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – naturally).

Not surprisingly, he failed, and you really should read why – after adjusting for America's new terror threat, of course. 

I refer of course to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, she of the high cheekbones, the woman who was going absolutely nowhere in a lackluster academic career until she began, uh, checking the box, claiming to be a Native American. (snip)  You’ve heard of Sitting Bull? Sen. Warren is Spreading Bull. (snip)

I called her Washington office and left a lengthy message, asking the first female Native American senator if she had done anything special for this special time of year. Also, I inquired if the senator had issued any statements denouncing the recent epidemic of white losers in academia suddenly deciding to falsely claim Indian heritage in order to, you’ll pardon the expression, feather their own nests through affirmative action.

It used to be a federal crime to impersonate an Indian, you know, at least if you were doing it during World War I to evade the draft (from which Indians were then exempt). The first coach of the old Boston Redskins football team did a stretch for “checking the box” during the War to End All Wars.

Surely America’s first female Native American senator is familiar with her people’s history. Oddly, my call was not returned. Meanwhile, Granny’s old employer, Harvard Law School, which once touted her as its first “woman of color,” is now embroiled in a controversy over whether the seal of the school is racist. Don’t ask why, it’s not worth getting into.

Guess who has been appointed to chair the committee to decide if — when? — the school should get rid of its “racist” crest. The chairman is none other than Bruce Mann, aka Mr. Granny Warren.

I placed another call to the senator’s teepee in D.C. This time I asked whether, if after getting rid of those racist sheaves of wheat on the seal, Professor Mann will take up the continuing scandal of greedy white people claiming Indian heritage to get tenured positions paying them $350,000 a year to teach one course, after which they no longer claim to be Indian and instead say they’re “Okie to their toes.” (OK, that last part I was just thinking.)

Yeah, it was really not surprising she didn't call him back.  She couldn't answer honestly.  People like Senator Warren give real Native Americans a bad name.

ht: Instapundit