Self-appointed Hispanic leaders versus Cruz/Rubio

Here we go again.  Self-appointed Hispanic leaders (liberal, of course) are calling Senators Cruz and Rubio traitors:

Liberal Hispanic groups have launched a campaign designed to turn Latino voters against the two Cuban American Republicans who have risen to the top tier of the GOP presidential field -- assailing Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as traitors to their own culture.

Radio and online ads, social media posts and public discussions with Hispanic leaders in swing states are accusing Cruz and Rubio, senators from Texas and Florida, respectively, of fighting against immigration reforms, a minimum wage increase and other changes that millions of Latinos support.

Many of the ads equate the two candidates to GOP front-runner Donald Trump, whose sharp rhetoric on immigration has until now drawn most of the attention of Hispanic activists.

“It’s not comfortable for us to do this, to call out members of our own community who don’t reflect our community values, but we have no choice,” said Cristóbal Alex, president of the Democratic-backed Latino Victory Project.

Traitors to our culture?  Really?

By the way, what culture?  In other words, I didn't realize that people with Hispanic surnames were supposed to vote straight party Democrat.  Don't these self-appointed Hispanic leaders believe we can think for ourselves? 

My conclusion is that these Hispanic leaders are showing a little desperation.  I guess that's what happens in year 7 of a president who had to write unconstitutional executive orders rather use congressional majorities to pass what he promised in the campaign.  

Let me make a couple of suggestions to the self-appointed leaders of our very diverse community:  

1)  How is ObamaCare helping Hispanics? High premiums they can't afford? Even higher deductibles? ObamaCare's exchanges are running out of money!

2)  How is the Obama economy helping Hispanic districts? Or lousy public schools run by the teachers union that donate to Democrats?  

3)  Obama's weak foreign policy means that Hispanic young men and women will have to go back to the Middle East to clean up the mess.   

We have problems in the U.S.  Rubio and Cruz are trying to address them, along with others.  Nevertheless, liberal Hispanics would rather hear more promises from Democrats who don't keep them.

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