Second Amendment advocates to stage fake 'mass shooting' at U. of Texas

Usually it's the left that engages in street theater tactics to get a point across.  "Die-ins," burning in effigy, and other spectacles are commonplace at leftist demonstrations.

Now, a Second Amendment group is planning to stage a fake "mass shooting" at the University of Texas to dramatize what happens in gun-free zones.

The Hill:

Gun rights activists plan to hold a fake mass shooting over the weekend at the University of Texas at Austin in an attempt to bring an end to gun-free zones, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

“Criminals that want to do evil things and commit murder go places where people are not going to be able to stop them,” said Matthew Short, a spokesman for gun rights groups Come and Take it Texas and

“When seconds count, the cops are minutes away,” he added.

The Open Walk and Crisis Performance Event will include bullhorn gunfire, fake blood and actors pretending to be victims who are shot.

Other actors will play the roles of rescuers and perpetrators, armed with cardboard weapons.

Asked by the Statesman if he thought the event was in bad taste after last week's San Bernardino, Calif., shooting, Short said: “Not at all. People were able to be murdered people [sic] because no one was armed.” 

Before the event, the activists plan to walk through Austin carrying loaded weapons.

The groups said they are not seeking permission from the university or city officials to hold the event.

The University of Texas was not immediately available for comment.

Guns are currently banned on the Austin campus, but that will change next fall thanks to a bill passed by the Texas legislature allowing guns on university campuses.

I can't stop thinking that the reaction from the wilting flowers on college campuses to this bit of street theater will resemble those Jet.Com ads:

How much you want to bet that school authorities will move in and prevent the performance of the activists because they don't have "permission" to stage their little drama?  But even just announcing their intent has gotten their point across already.