Report: 80 UK primary school students a year want a sex change

A charity that helps families and teenagers with gender identity issues reports that up to 80 primary school kids in the U.K. every year express a desire to change their sex.

As you will see, these kids have no idea what they are doing, and many appear to be susceptible to classmates who have also expressed a desire for a sex change.


In some cases children as young as four are already in the process of “transitioning” to another sex, according to Susie Green, chair of Mermaids, a charity which provides support for families of children and teenagers with gender identity issues.

Meanwhile some schools are seeing signs of a cluster effect, with a number of pupils coming forward to seek support towards a possible change after one takes the first step, she said.

Her comments came as it emerged that a primary school in the North West of England is involved in a stand-off over the issue after refusing to accept a request from an eight-year-old born as a girl to be treated as a boy.

We are working with them, we are trying to resolve that but [the school] are very reluctant,” said Mrs Green, who is backing the parents’ request.

She said such stand-offs are now “very common” and added that a legal challenge over the issue could not be ruled out in the near future.

Mrs Green – whose grown up daughter Jackie, was born a boy and first spoke about being in the wrong gender at the age of four – said eight is no longer considered particularly young to begin the process of changing gender.

“We have got four-year-olds, five-year-olds, six-year-olds who are transitioning as parents know more about it and are more aware if they have a child who is struggling and suffering,” she said.

“You wouldn’t necessarily do anything unless it is causing distress [but] these kids are so much happier now they have been supported to live in the gender they identify with, it is a no-brainer.

“We have parents reporting back saying ‘my kid is so much happier now, they are attending school now, they are making friends now’.

“We have got families of five-year-olds, six-year-olds, seven-year-olds – eight isn’t particularly early.”

The officers of that charity – beginning with this brainless president, as well as the parents of these children looking to change their sex – should all be arrested for child abuse.  It is unconscionable that the decision for "gender reassingment" – a permanent decision that once completed cannot be changed – can be placed in the hands of a five-year-old.

This is nuts.  Gender dysphoria is an extremely rare condition, with the best guess of researches being that it occurs in 1 or 2 live births of every 100,000, or about 0.005% to 0.014% of males and 0.002% to 0.003% of females.  While some advocates claim that four- and five-year-old children know if they are trapped in the wrong body, there is no proof of this except anecdotal claims by parents.  And there are some indications that most kids who exhibit signs of gender dysphoria at a prepubescent age return to their normal sexual identities by adolescence.

Sexual identity problems are very trendy right now as parents scrutinize their kids to see if boys act like girls and vice versa.  Meanwhile, a child's psyche is only half-formed at that young age, making him incapable of determining anything about his sexual identity.

Bottom line: The drive to get kids to say their bodies and sex organs are mismatched is political and cultural, not medical.

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