Poll: At least one quarter of the U.K. agrees with Trump on Muslim immigration

A new YouGov poll released on Wednesday shows that at least one quarter of the British population agrees with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump that Muslim immigration into the United States should be halted.  An additional 11 percent of respondents are not sure whether this is an appropriate policy, bringing the total number of potential Trump policy supporters up to nearly 40 percent.

Among UKIP supporters, a strong majority (61 percent) stands in support of Trump.  An additional 7 percent are unsure, but there are also substantial portions of poll respondents across the British political spectrum that believe that Trump's policy prescription is on the right track.

Far from indicating that Trump's views are on the fringe, the YouGov poll reinforces that serious concerns about Muslim immigration are on the forefront of the U.K. mainstream.  Keep in mind that 25-percent support (and potentially upwards of 36-percent support if the undecided respondents go to Trump) is in the range of the popular vote percentages each of the major national U.K. political parties has been achieving in the last few elections.  Thus, if political leaders in the U.K. wish to characterize Trump's views as fringe, they will need to accept that their own popularity is on the fringe by their own definitions.

As well, any polling data likely underestimates actual support for Trump's ideas, given the widespread misinformation in the mainstream media regarding what Trump was actually calling for.

Driven by hysteria over Trump's recent remarks, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland revoked the doctorate of business administration that he was awarded in October 2010.  Yet, according to the YouGov polling data, 25 percent of Scottish respondents agreed with Trump's statements regarding Muslim immigration – highlighting once again that Scottish universities are no longer "universal" in their tolerance for controversial ideas held by substantial portions of the population.

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