Once a Gitmo, always a Gitmo

We learned today that a man released from Gitmo is fighting the U.S. and the West.  This is from The Long War Journal:

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a new video featuring a former Guantanamo detainee, Ibrahim Qosi, who is also known as Sheikh Khubayb al Sudani.

In July 2010, Qosi plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and material support for terrorism before a military commission. His plea was part of a deal in which he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors during his remaining time in US custody. Qosi wastransferred to his home country of Sudan two years later, in July 2012.

Qosi joined AQAP in 2014 and became one of its leaders. Qosi and other AQAP commanders discussed their time waging jihad at length in the video, entitled “Guardians of Sharia.”

Is anyone surprised?  Did we really think that released detainees were going back to pick up a different profession?  Or would publicly show their appreciation to President Obama for sending them home?  Or call on ISIS to stop beheading people?

For years, we've heard this nonsense that Gitmo is a recruiting tool for terrorists.  I guess that Ibrahim is now confirmation that releasing detainees is the real recruiting tool.   

The Obama administration never understood that the real recruiting tool is projecting weakness, such as saying to the world that captured enemy combatants were entitled to a speedy trial.   

I agree that they should be treated properly (they are at Gitmo).  However, they are enemies in a war, and we have the right to detain, hold, and interrogate them.   

Wonder how many U.S. soldiers will be killed because this guy is back in action...

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