Obama's 'paper tiger' doctrine

Andrew Malcolm of Investor’s Business Daily points out the extremely dangerous behavior of the Obama administration toward China.  It concerns the Spratley Islands, where China has created 2,000 acres of new land, dumping dredged sand and coral reefs, and is claiming sovereignty, laying the basis for a vast resource grab in the South China Sea and developing a military base.

… last week a U.S. B-52 Stratocruiser flew within two miles of the islands. (snip)

Predictably, the Chinese again objected strongly, calling the flight "a serious military provocation" that allegedly put its troops on high alert there. (snip)

Last Sunday, China claims Foreign Minister Wang Yi phoned his America counterpart, John Kerry, to lecture him about such incidents, saying, "While the U.S. is seeking Chinese cooperation, it also should respect China's core interests and major concerns."

Guess what happened? Obama's Pentagon threw the Air Force crew under the landing gear. It apologized to China for the B-52 flight. Seriously.

The Pentagon's sad story is that bad weather caused the giant bomber to drift off-course. Uh-huh. True, those eight-engine, strategic workhorses cover almost 10 miles a minute. But weather doesn't affect GPS.

B-52s can deliver a standard or nuclear weapon to a specific city block anywhere in the world. And each has one crew member dedicated to position-monitoring.

So even with oblivious Obama off golfing again in Hawaii, his minions apologized unnecessarily to a strategic competitor for doing what we said we'd do to oppose China's unlawful territorial claims.

Weak, feckless U.S. actions.

This is worse than weak and feckless; it establishes the United States as what the  Chinese deride as a “paper tiger,” something that only looks fierce but is not to be feared.  Coming in the wake of Obama’s Syrian “red line” that was violated with no consequences, it teaches the lesson to aggressive foreign governments that U.S. threats are not to be feared, and that the U.S. will back down.

This is a recipe for encouraging aggression against the U.S.  Until Obama leaves office, the U.S. is in a very dangerous situation, with aggression seen as without cost to our competitors.

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