Obama's climate summit speech runs way over time, ignores repeated chimes to stop

Speaking at the bogus climate summit in Paris, President Obama ran way over the allotted time for his speech – in part, it appeared, because TOTUS was a bit slow.  In any case, once Obama reached the time allowed, the subtle chime that is a triple ring to signal that the time is up, rang.  But POTUS kept on talking.  Then it rang again.  POTUS kept talking.  More ringing.  More talking.  At one point, POTUS reached a point in his speech when he said, “Let’s send that signal.”  As if on cue, the chime rang yet again.  To no avail.

I felt for the person hitting the chime over and over again (assuming it wasn’t entirely automated).  And perhaps he feels for us, as well.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

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