Obama and Hillary's lethal Libya legacy and future terror

More and more Americans realize that the administration's Arab Spring movement was simply a front for a massive train-and-equip operation for Islamic radicals – including ISIS.  During Bush '43, strongman Gaddafi was pushed by Operation Iraqi Freedom into declaring his WMD program and later provided intelligence to the U.S.  As SoS, Hillary jumped for joy as Gaddafi was brutally murdered by so-called democracy movement members, which eventually led to the looting of the dictator's armories for weaponry to be spread far and wide across the region.

Now we learn from Asharq al-Awsat that ISIS now has obtained at least one flight simulator from one of the airports in order to train terrorist pilots.

A senior Libyan military officer said in an interview during a recent visit to Cairo that a group of ISIS leaders, amongst them retired officers from Libya and a number of neighbouring countries, obtained the first simulator device that specialises in civilian planes last October. Security services have gathered new information from Sirte during the last two weeks suggesting that another fighter jet simulator had arrived. However, its type remains unknown.

Despite Egypt's turning back the Arab Spring movement and dealing a severe blow to associated Muslim Brotherhood leadership, the chaos in Libya is the gift that keeps on giving  in a very bad way to very bad people.  In this case, there is potential for another attack using commercial airliners.

John Smith is the pen name of a retired career military officer, currently working overseas.