NYT: Muslims are 25 times more likely to commit terrorist attacks

The New York Times has been in a full court press to show that terrorism has nothing to do with Muslims.  They have presented sympathetic articles about parents  who claimed to be wholly ignorant of their sons' intentions.  They showed articles of Muslims worried about backlash after one of their own goes out and kills a bunch of Americans.  They have even started a new propaganda campaign to say that motives don't matter; we just have to get rid of guns! But one of their efforts backfired when they produced a graph showing who are the perpetrators of terrorist violence in America.  The graph shows that, depending on the year, Islamic terrorists account for "only" 40%-60% of the fatalities in terrorist attack.  Look, they are saying, half of the terrorist attacks have nothing to do with radical Islam!   But there's just one problem: Muslims make up only about 2% of the population of America.  If they are killing...(Read Full Post)