NY Times covers up an inconvenient truth for Palestinian Authority

They’ve done it again – and then some! The New York Times has a history of prominently featuring articles when Israel or Israelis allegedly misbehave, while burying articles when Israel or Israelis or Jews are the victims. It happened again last week – Dec. 1 – with a staggering omission compounding the Times’ pattern. The Times published an article updating a particularly shocking and heinous act: the Palestinian-Arab attack on Israeli athletes, coaches, and referees at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. The widow of one of the slain Olympians has offered new and particularly gruesome revelations about the attack based on information supplied by German authorities: all of the Israelis were beaten by their captors, and at least one of the Israelis murdered in the Olympic Village was tortured and his genitals mutilated by the Palestinian-Arabs.  There is photographic evidence of the mutilation.   The electronic version of...(Read Full Post)