Muslim football player honored by State Department 'has a distinctly American story'

Oday Aboushi plays football for the New York Jets and is a Muslim who recently spoke out about Donald Trump’s position on Muslim immigration.  Per Yahoo Sports:

“It's more alarming that a person is proposing something like this,” he says. “It's such a small-minded idea. How can you punish a whole religion based off a few people? If people did that, the world will be doomed. To have a guy like that is alarming. What are his true motives? Imagine what's next, what's possible, what else is he willing to step over or on.”

“It’s more alarming…”  More alarming than what?  Is it more alarming than a “holy book” that is a totalitarian doctrine that mandates world domination?

“It’s such a small-minded idea.”  Actually Trump’s proposal is a large-scale idea based on the need to do everything we can to protect this country from devolving further into a state resembling Europe, which is devolving in the direction of the caliphate, through immigration as a weapon of jihad.

“How can you punish a whole religion based off a few people?”  First, it’s not a question of punishment.  It’s a question of national security.  Second, the it’s-just-a-few-people argument is bogus and has been debunked many times by many people.  The CliffsNotes are as follows: there are so many Muslims in the world that even a relatively small percentage who are violent jihadists amount to a rather large number of folks (= not just “a few”).  When you factor in the people who aid and abet terrorists, mosques that preach jihad, Muslims who come down with sudden jihad syndrome, and polls that show that a majority of Muslims support sharia law, it becomes abundantly clear we’re not talking about “a few people.”  (But as long as we’re on the subject, it took only “a few people” to bring down the World Trade Center.)

“If people did that, the world would be doomed.”  Islamic supremacy is what will doom this world if we don’t protect ourselves against the darkness, death, and destruction that Islam leaves in its wake.

“To have a guy like that is alarming.”  If we’re going to talk about guys one finds alarming, one need look no farther than Mohammed.  So if the topic is “alarming” guys, he would be a good place to start.

“What are his true motives?”  This same question can (and should) be applied every minute of every hour of every day with respect to Muslims practicing taqiyya.  So when a neatly dressed, well-groomed, soft-spoken representative from CAIR (aka the Muslim Brotherhood) comes on the airways to lull listeners into an ever-deeper state of ignorance, let’s ask: what are his true motives?

The same thing applies to Aboushi’s comment: “Imagine what's next, what's possible…”  How about we imagine what’s next and what’s possible as the Muslim population in this country continues to rise, and with it, more acts of aggression, whether in the form of creeping sharia or violent jihad?

After speaking about Trump, Aboushi offered his perspective on Islam, stating: “It's a very peaceful religion.  It's about helping others, treating people how you want to be treated.”

Really?  Aboushi needs to brush up on the Quran, because it’s not peaceful, and it’s not about treating people how you want to be treated (unless you want to live as a second-class citizen or be slaughtered).

Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"

He adds: “There's a basis of innocence to [Islam].  It has a basis in humanity.  But the reputation of Muslims is going to get tarnished because of the few individuals that are doing things on their own terms.”

Again: really?  The concept of innocence does not apply to non-believers in the Quran, which, by the way, is not a humane book.  And the “few individuals” are not “doing things on their own terms.”  They are devout Muslims who are following the teachings of the Quran.

Meanwhile, the Yahoo News article is a perfect example of how the public is lied to on a daily basis about the greatest national security threat of our time.

Aboushi has a distinctly American story: his Palestinian parents were born in East Jerusalem and they emigrated to the United States – his mother to Michigan and his father to New York. Aboushi was born in Brooklyn, raised in New York City and played college football at Virginia. He was honored by the State Department in 2011 for his athletic contributions as a Muslim-American. He says part of the calling of his faith is to donate a portion of his salary to charity and he says he has done so, in addition to making trips to Sudan to help children with cleft palates.

A “distinctly American story”?  Hmm.  That’s a bit heavy-handed, as it conjures a Norman Rockwell painting to show how Aboushi is just like you and me.  Except while millions of us have parents who are immigrants, few have parents who identify as being part of a fictitious ethnic group.  And talented young people will not be honored by the State Department for specifically being Christian or Jewish athletes, artists, and so on.  Only Muslims have their religion linked to their achievements.  

Getting back to Aboushi’s “distinctly American story,” in addition to being the child of immigrants and being a star athlete, he’s a good guy: he donates money to charity and helps kids.

Curious about the sorts of charities he might affiliate himself with, the predictable emerged, as Front Page Magazine reported in 2013 (summarized below):

A week prior to the draft, Aboushi praised a conference sponsored by Islamic Relief. The Israeli government has identified this organization as a front for Hamas and one that has been involved with large money transfers (coming in and going out) with al-Qaeda related groups.

A few weeks after the draft, Aboushi tweeted: “65th anniversary of the Nakba and palestinians [sic] all across the world are still thriving.” (“Nakba,” is a derogatory and provocative term to reference Israel’s founding as an independent Jewish state and is used to fuel terrorist attacks against the country.)

Aboushi was a featured speaker at a 2013 conference of the El-Bireh Palestine Society – an organization that denies Israel’s existence and aligns itself with those who perpetrate violence against Israelis. The Facebook page for the conference was accompanied by anti-Semitic and anti-Christian terrorist propaganda, including images of Hitler, anti-Christian cleric Ahmed Deedat, and memorials to numerous terrorists.

Following the conference, Aboushi tweeted, “Al bireh convention was a pleasure. Proud Palestinians is always a good sight.”

This is what qualifies as “distinctly American” in our brave new world.

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