UPDATED: Moron U: Students want to rename 'Lynch Hall' because, well, racism

The racial witch hunters at Lebanon Valley College are agitating to change the name of "Lynch Hall" – named after former school president Clyde A. Lynch – because the word "lynch" has racial overtones.

Students want school officials to either rename the building entirely or add Lynch's first name and middle initial, saying the word recalls the public executions of black men by white mobs in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

It was included on a list of demands that students presented to the school on Friday. Other demands include a more diverse curriculum, more sensitivity training for staff and regular surveys of the racial climate on campus.

School spokesman Marty Parkes said Tuesday that President Lewis Thayne is considering all of the demands and will address them at a forum next month.

Calling Lynch a “very important figure'' in the history of the college, Parkes said officials want to avoid “doing anything that would denigrate his memory or his legacy here.''

The school's website says Lynch led the college through the Great Depression and World War II and raised $550,000 for a new physical education building. The building that bears his name houses several academic departments

The controversy brings to mind the flap in Washington, D.C. government back in 1999, when a white aide to then-mayor Anthony Williams was overheard saying the word "niggardly" when discussing the city's finances.  Ignoramuses on the city council demanded the aide's resignation, which was then forthcoming.  Only the immediate backlash by far more sensible people who pointed out that simply because a word sounds racist, that doesn't make it so allowed the aide to reclaim his job.

This is actually a great idea.  I think all buildings and monuments named "King" should be renamed because so many Americans lost their lives in the Revolutionary War fighting King George.  The word "King" evokes painful memories of Americans being oppressed by a tyrant.  In fact, every time I hear the word, I break into tears, recalling the sacrifices of our countrymen.

Yes, that's a ridiculous, stupid idea – at least, normal people would recognize it as such.  But the creatures at Lebanon Valley College are not normal people.  They are besotted with ideology and racial animus and are being enabled by a weak, fearful school administration who should have publicly torn up those "demands" and suspended the students for being too stupid to attend any college in America.

You might think that this is the height – or depths – of political correctness.  But I imagine we won't have too long to wait before somebody somewhere does something even more outrageously stupid.

Update from Drew Belsky: Following Lebanon Valley's logic, can we rename Attorney General Loretta Lynch as well?

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