More than 900 Los Angeles schools closed due to 'credible' threat

According to Los Angeles police, a "credible terror threat" was received – apparently by an LA school board member – that targeted "many schools" in the district.  The superintendent of schools, Ramon Cortines, announced that all schools would close, and students who were just arriving for class would be sent home.

There are more than 900 schools in the district and another 180 charter schools.  The closing will affect more than 600,000 students.

But the LA police say the threat is not serious and have not gone on tactical alert.

The closings are out of “an abundance of caution," the LAPD said.

A senior law enforcement official told ABC News the threat was not serious and the LAPD is not on tactical alert. The threat is not connected to any previous threats or the San Bernardino investigation, the official said.

An electronic threat was received this morning mentioning the safety of the schools, officials said at a news conference today. The threat is still being analyzed, officials said.

The threat involved many schools, L.A. Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines said.

All schools will be searched by the end of the day, officials said.

Total clusterfark.  The logistics of searching more than a thousand schools is daunting.  I doubt whether they can accomplish the task in one day.  And what of those students who have already been dropped off?  Recalling the thousands of buses to transport the kids home will take hours.

Meanwhile, unexpected days off from school will be a nightmare for working parents, many of whom will lose wages as result of being forced to stay home with a school-age child.

Many questions will be asked of school authorities and police about whether the closing was necessary.  A disembodied voice at the end of a phone line cannot, in and of itself, mean that the threat is credible.  There is either some vital piece of information we're not being told – or authories wildly overreacted to what could be a hoax. 

The bottom line: ISIS is winning.  We are reacting in a way that indicates that Americans are so unsettled by the politically correct, do-nothing policies of this administration that we simply don't trust government to protect us anymore. 

So, out of "an abundance of caution," we take drastic measures that may not have been necessary with better leadership.  We hope it's coming one year, one month, and 5 days from today.

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