ISIS doesn't need Donald Trump for recruitment!

The media is all abuzz about Hillary Clinton’s statement that ISIS used Donald Trump’s comments about Muslims as a recruitment tool. Was it true? Was it false? (It was false.) Should she apologize? (Yeah, right.) A recent video of this absurd chatter can be found, here. (Trigger warning: Howard Dean is a featured guest.) And although it matters whether prospective leaders are honest or not (Hillary’s been vetted on that front = not honest), the discourse about Trump and ISIS is completely off track. So what if ISIS used statements by Trump (or anyone else for that matter) in their videos? Our misguided concern about this suggests savages should dictate our speech. And if we believe that, then we are enforcing blasphemy law under the sharia. Is that what many in our country would prefer? (Apparently so.) In any case, devout Muslims don’t need to quote non-believers. They’ve get a holy book that’s chock full of quotes that drives their...(Read Full Post)