Is Carly Fiorina's giant cross a genuine show of faith or cynicism?

It was hard not to notice that Carly Fiorina was wearing a cross around her neck at the Republican debate last night.  In fact, it was rather a large one.  The question is, was this a genuine show of faith or a feeble attempt at pandering? In a 2010 interview it was reported that Carly was not exactly very religious. Friends say she's a fair cook and has a nice touch on the piano. She was raised Episcopalian but is not a regular churchgoer. She does Jane Fonda-style aerobics, whether she's home or on the road. Reaction on Twitter was rather critical: Jesse Berney ‏@jesseberney  11m11 minutes ago HEY CARLY FIORINA, WHAT RELIGION ARE YOU I CAN'T TELL FROM THAT GIANT SHINY CROSS AROUND YOUR NECK   Tina Dupuy ‏@TinaDupuy  34m34 minutes agoManhattan, NY As @CarlyFiorina's number's go down her cross necklaces get bigger.   Kaivan...(Read Full Post)