Is Carly Fiorina's giant cross a genuine show of faith or cynicism?

It was hard not to notice that Carly Fiorina was wearing a cross around her neck at the Republican debate last night.  In fact, it was rather a large one.  The question is, was this a genuine show of faith or a feeble attempt at pandering?

In a 2010 interview it was reported that Carly was not exactly very religious.

Friends say she's a fair cook and has a nice touch on the piano. She was raised Episcopalian but is not a regular churchgoer. She does Jane Fonda-style aerobics, whether she's home or on the road.

Reaction on Twitter was rather critical:

Jesse Berney ‏@jesseberney  11m11 minutes ago



Tina Dupuy ‏@TinaDupuy  34m34 minutes agoManhattan, NY

As @CarlyFiorina's number's go down her cross necklaces get bigger.


Kaivan Shroff ‏@KaivanShroff  11m11 minutes ago

Do you think @CarlyFiorina wears that giant cross necklace everyday? #GOPDebate


Erin ‏@IAmErinJane  4m4 minutes ago

Carly Fiorina's giant cross necklace is akin to a 2003 rapper's "bling" adorned in a trashy music video #Subtle #TheChristianVote #GOPDebate


Tod Goldberg ‏@todgoldberg  47m47 minutes ago

One thing is clear: if the nation is ever attacked by vampires, Carly Fiorina's giant cross will keep us all safe.


Seantoshi Nakamoto ‏@seanbonner  49m49 minutes ago

I think Carly Fiorina should have worn a larger cross, I'm not sure I believe her commitment to Christianity. #GOPDebate


Aaron Gouveia ‏@DaddyFiles  58m58 minutes ago

How does it work, Carly Fiorina? The bigger your cross the more Christian you are? You can see that thing from space. #GOPDebate

Ted Cruz is doing very well with evangelicals, especially in Iowa.  But he doesn't wear large religious jewelry.  How is he winning these voters over?  I think it is because he talks about his faith often.  He speaks about his values and beliefs, and from the way he talks, people know it's from the heart.  It's not what he's wearing, but what's on the inside.

I think that Carly thinks she can shortcut all this with religious jewelry, and her particular use of the cross (not the cross itself) rings of superficiality and shallowness.

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