Intolerant Jennifer Lawrence insults her audience

What is it about Hollywood elites who just can’t help but to show how intolerant and anti-liberty-oriented they really are?  It seems as if the more fame and fortune they have, the more eager they are to hurl a good insult at the very audiences who have helped them get to where they are.

The first time I saw Jennifer Lawrence was in the 2012 hit dystopian adventure The Hunger Games.  Kids absolutely loved the movie, as did adults, who found themselves taken in by the courageous bow and arrow-wielding Katniss Everdeen (Lawrence), whose mission is to survive in a violent totalitarian society.

Although highly interpretive, many Christian viewers likened the movie to a biblical story, complete with self-sacrifice, hope, death, resurrection, and even Bread of Life iconography.  For some, the movie was also prophetic in that they now see America increasingly moving farther into a “secular, post-Christian cultural space.”  Needless to say, The Hunger Games quickly became the centerpiece of many Sunday sermons and Bible studies.

As for Jennifer Lawrence, she couldn’t have dreamed up a better star-promoting role.  Just one year later, in 2013, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Lead Role for Silver Linings Playbook.  Today, she’s the world’s highest paid actress, having earned a whopping $52,000,000 this year.

Now blessed with her own fame and fortune, Lawrence suddenly got the itch to sound off during a recent interview with Vogue Magazine.  Predictably, she toed the same old anti-Christian and anti-Republican line so many other Hollywood celebrities have done before her.

During the interview, Lawrence revealed herself as the ultimate egotistical snob when she told Vogue that she was “embarrassed to be from Kentucky.”  Why?  Because of a devout Christian woman named Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, who couldn’t in good conscience issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  “Don’t even say her name in this house,” continued Lawrence.

But Lawrence’s intolerance of a Christian woman’s principles didn’t stop there, nor did her dissing Kentucky.  No, the simpering little Miss Lawrence had to do it again.  “All those people holding their crucifixes, which may as well be pitchforks, thinking they’re fighting a good fight,” said Lawrence.  “I grew up in Kentucky.  I know how they are.” 

Lawrence, who was raised a Republican household, is obviously on a different political bandwagon these days.  “I just can’t imagine supporting a party that doesn’t support women’s basic rights,” she said.  Of course, one would think that a woman’s First Amendment right to live by the principles of her Christian religion would mean something in the lexicon of “basic rights.”  Unfortunately, her hypocrisy runs thick.

Finally, Lawrence expressed her views on the 2016 election.  “If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world,” she said, in a full hyperbolic state of disapproval of Trump’s politically incorrect style.  Yet, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 71 percent of adults are concerned about political correctness, not to mention that Trump is leading in the polls.  Looks as though Lawrence prefers someone who is politically correct.  No surprise here.  It goes with the territory of living in a bubble.

Of course, Lawrence has the right to express her views, and she did just that.  Still, her obvious intolerance toward people whose views differ from her own didn’t do her latest movie, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 2, any favors.  The film underperformed relative to opening weekend expectations.  Not only did it bring in $18 million less than The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, part 1, but it was the worst opening of the Hunger Games franchise.

What could all this mean?  According to a legendary Hollywood casting director I interviewed, those who want to become movie stars require an audience who embraces them.  Given this, perhaps Lawrence shouldn’t take her stardom for granted by unnecessarily insulting her audience, many of whom are Christians, Republicans, and Kentuckians.  If this is her idea of a good film promotion, producers may think twice before forking out the big bucks to cast her in future movies.  Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Lawrence’s latest movie, Joy, is scheduled to open on Christmas Day.  Given all the hullabaloo surrounding her recent derogatory comments, she had just better hope that her audience is far more tolerant of her than she is of them.

Kimberly Bloom Jackson is a former actress turned teacher and anthropologist.  She can be found snooping into Hollywood, education, and culture at